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How To Add Temp And Humidity From SCD40

1. Navigate to the ESPHome addon

    2. Select the Edit button under the desired device

ESPHome Edit Button.png

   3. Insert your code (The example below is for our AIR-1 SEN55 sensor but this applies to MSR-1/2, MTR or any sensor with the CO2 module)   

  - platform: scd4x
    id: !extend scd40 
      name: "SCD40 Temperature"
      name: "SCD40 Humidity"

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 8.49.17 PM.png    
    4. In the top right of the same screen Select Save and then Install 

    5. If it compiles correctly then you should see a green Success

Install Success.png

    6. When you see the sensor logs, you are finished and can select Stop

Sensor Log Stop.png

    7. Now your sensor value should update!