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How To Change The Update Frequency Of Sensors/Force Update

    1. Navigate to the ESPHome addon

    2. Select the Edit button under the desired device

ESPHome Edit Button.png

   3. Insert your code (The example below is for our AIR-1 SEN55 sensor)   

  - platform: sen5x
    id: !extend sen55
    update_interval: 5s

SEN55 update interval.png    
    4. In the top right of the same screen Select Save and then Install 

    5. If it compiles correctly then you should see a green Success

Install Success.png

    6. When you see the sensor logs, you are finished and can select Stop

Sensor Log Stop.png

    7. Now your sensor value should update!

Force Update

Follow the same steps above but use this code to force the sensor to update.

- platform: sen5x
  id: !extend sen55
    name: "SEN55 NOX"
    force_update: True