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Bluetooth Tracking

  1. Install the iBeacon integration in HA.  
    1. iBeacon Install Guide
  2. Install the Home Assistant App on your device
    1. Android
    2. Apple
  3. Navigate to the HA settings
  4. Screenshot_20231109_235524_Photos.jpg
  5. Select Companion app
  6. Screenshot_20231109_235557_Photos.jpg
  7. Select manage Sensors
  8. Screenshot_20231109_235621_Photos.jpg
  9. Turn on the "BLE Transmitter"
  10. Screenshot_20231109_235640_Photos.jpg
  11. After opening BLE transmitter and turning it on, then scroll down to get the iBeacon unique ID
  12. Screenshot_20231109_235757_Photos.jpg
  13. Add it to the ESPHome yaml config for the MSR-1
  14. ESPHome YAML Edit.png 
    1. You have to add the "power_save_mode: LIGHT" to the wifi section
    2. # Example config.yaml
        ssid: !secret wifi_ssid
        password: !secret wifi_password
        power_save_mode: LIGHT
        - platform: ble_presence
          ibeacon_uuid: '77a6438d-ea95-4522-b46c-cb2b4412076f'
          ibeacon_major: 100
          ibeacon_minor: 1
          name: "Jane's Phone"